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Vedic Astrology Bali

Vedic Astrology Bali

Vedic Astrology Bali in its original language is called Jyotish, which means Light. Or Luminosity. The reason why Vedic Astrology was created by the ancient Rishis is to be able to help humans recognize the True Light in their Being. In addition, it is to illuminate subconscious patterns, whether in the form of deep tendencies or in the form of repetitive karmic patterns. So when we can illuminate those patterns, then we will be able to understand ourselves better. Better understand the flow of our lives, so that we can further optimize our potential.

If you are looking for Vedic Astrology Bali, then Andreas and Winnie as the creators of this page pray deeply so that you can find the right way to know the True Light in your Being. The True Light is the essence of all experiences, the essence of all phenomena. When conducting a Vedic Astrology reading with us, we will invite all of you to understand your deepest potential. Then also with a solution-based approach, we will suggest appropriate solutions, tailored to the personalities and traditions of you. Whether it is a practice of purification, practice of meditation, or the path that best suits the uniqueness of each of us.

Vedic Astrology Bali
Vedic Astrology Bali

Holistic Exploration

Vedic Astrology Bali that we organize can also be combined with Tarot Reading, Ayurveda Doshic Reading, Oracle Reading, and also therapeutic approaches such as Hypnotherapy. And of course the real solution is to recognize Pure Awareness or what people generally call as Meditation. The readings carried out by Vedic Astrology Bali which we held were carried out together, by both Andreas and Winnie. The two of us will read alternately, so that you will be able to get two different perspectives, which complement each other. Because Andreas and Winnie have two different personality tendencies, but have the same vision and essence in Clear Light Mind or Pure Awareness.


When all of you are all looking for Vedic Astrology Bali, our deepest prayer is that this page can help all of you find the right path. If you are open hearted, then willing to explore with us, there is a sincere urge to get to know the Inner Peace within, then maybe this page can be a bridge for us to explore together through Vedic Astrology Bali.

Reading can be done through face-to-face meetings or online. If we meet in person, then our location is in the city of Denpasar, on the island of Bali – Indonesia. We can also come to your Villa and Hotel to read your Vedic Astrology Natal Chart there, or we could meet in certain location too.

We are more than welcome to everyone, who are willing to stop by and share our journey to come. To find out more information about Andreas and Winnie, you can search with the keyword Inner Peace Meditation Studies on Google. Hopefully for those of you who have the suitable karma, will meet us. Then to all friends, and also to all beings. May all beings be happy, and may know the True Light that is in the depths of Our Heart.

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If you want to contact us, you could WhatsApp Winnie at +6281542251206 or WhatsApp Andreas at +628562668555 or email us at pasolympia@gmail.com or push the WhatsApp button in this Website or Here. You could also research us further and read all the reviews through our Google Business here.


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Thank You

Thank you for reading through our resources. We are very delighted to meet you. If there is anything that we could help, feel free to share with us. We pray the Ultimate Reality and All Awakened Streams always guides you. May Infinite Happiness and Profound Wisdom always shine through Our Heart.