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Tarot Reading Bali

Tarot Reading Bali

Tarot Reading Bali, here is our story about it. Life is so mysterious and full of suprise, and we must skilfully surf within this wave of life. One of the Skillful Method to rediscover our Basic Goodness and help us in this life journey is Tarot. In this Tarot Reading Bali services, we are exploring many possibilities of life through the Tarot Card.

You can explore your life pattern in many various ways through Tarot Reading Bali. Ask questions, exploring particular theme, or delve deeper into some particular explorations. It will be customized to you, and tune to your uniqueness. Our Tarot Reading Bali are very personal and customized to each person.

Our Approaches

In our approaches, Tarot Reading Bali is used as a method to dig deeper into ourselves, to gather the lessons that universe want us to know. In Tarot Reading Bali here, we will explore what is available in the realm of pure potentiality, sometimes called Akashic Records or Alaya Vijnana. So we can learn so much through Intuitive Reading, then whatever we gain in this Tarot Reading Bali session could be applied into daily lives.

In our Tarot Reading Bali here, we believe that our mind and heart is very potent and have the connection to the Matrix of Life. So we begin with intention and put our attention relaxed without contriving anything. With an approaches like that, we truly trust our deepest heart to guide us in this Life Journey. We could also mixing the Tarot Card with some Oracles Card, so the reading will be more holistic and deep.

Tarot Reading Bali

The Readers

The readers in Tarot Reading Bali at InnerPeace.id are Winnie and Andreas. Winnie is a natural intuitive since her childhood, and Andreas explore many modalities of human transformation since 10 years old. Strength of Winnie and Andreas is not in their appearances, but in their deep exploration into the nature of reality.

So if you love to discuss about life and many possibilities to make your own move in the dance of life, if you like to dig deeper into the many layers of the situation, Winnie and Andreas are very suitable partners to meet with. One of unique approaches of Tarot Reading Bali here is also not only focused on the problem, but also explore how to transform any situation into Blessings.


Reading can be done in your Villa or Hotel, we can directly come there for your convenience. Or we also can meet in some nice cafe or restaurant to do the reading there. Or you could also come to our designated places. The places is very flexible and we are adaptive to you situation. If you are not in Bali, we also could do our sessions through online via Zoom Meetings.

Pertaining to the budget even though we have range of budget that we could offer, we are also very flexible and adaptive. As long as you genuinely resonant to explore, we will do the best to help whatever your budget and technical conditions. Feel free to share with us.

Tarot Reading Bali


If you want to contact us, you could WhatsApp Winnie at +6281542251206 or WhatsApp Andreas at +628562668555 or email us at pasolympia@gmail.com or push the WhatsApp button in this Website or Here. You could also research us further and read all the reviews through our Google Business here.

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Bonus Courses

Or if you want to explore our module, here is our bonus courses for you. We pray it could be beneficial to your journey.

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Thank You

Thank you for reading through our resources. We are very delighted to meet you. If there is anything that we could help, feel free to share with us. We pray the Ultimate Reality and All Awakened Streams always guides you. May Infinite Happiness and Profound Wisdom always shine through Our Heart.