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Meditation Bali

So you want to spend time some day or maybe some weeks or some months in Remote Island, in the south, where you can go to beach at any given time all year, Bali might be the right choice for you. Given the title, Land of God, Bali is famous as an Island where you can lay back and enjoy some leisure time in a Tropical Resort whether you are alone or with friends, or partner. You can take time for yourself enjoying food that you like and activities that are provided. Many attractions, experiences and views that you can enjoy here in this island

But do you know that beside the resort and tropical vibes that are offered by this island, this Island also provided a unique approach to life and spirituality. Some part of it even depicted in the famous book that later produced as a movie: Eat, Pray, and Love.

Some people might be familiar with Yoga Class, Meditation Session and many more things that are provided here and you may also recognized or even joined a beautiful event like the festive Galungan and Kuningan or see and experience the serenity of Nyepi. These are a few of many sacred events that are important to Balinese. Balinese understanding are different to the Western approach that tend to be scientific and methodological. People understanding of life here has been passed down from generation to generation. They live very differently compared to modern society but also able to adapt with modern vibe that are demanded by the latest civilization such as tourism, hospitality and so on.

That is why, if you want to dig deep into yourself, this is the right place for you. By the unique and ancient approach, you can access your creative side. You will be able to understand yourself by journeying into the unknown. There are so many providers that can provide this service in Bali.

Practice such as Meditation, has been studied and analyzed by many cultures and ancient civilizations. In Indonesia, the country which Bali is located, meditation is used since old times to search for deeper meaning in one’s life. When someone want to reflect on their own journey and see their transformation directly, they will go for meditation.

Meditation has been used to open the space for transformation from deep within. And used to help you understand deeper about this Life. If you ever think about what the meaning of life is or what is the purpose of all creation, you may click to this place.

In innerpeace.id, we also provided a list of service that may meet your like such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Silent-Space and many more. Using gentle approach that is tailored to your need here in innerpeace.id we use nonduality perspective as our compass to our approach. We believe that everyone’s journey are unique and must be celebrated.

To arrange or discuss about your journey, please kindly contact us using Whatsapp : +628562668555 or send out an email through pasolympia@gmail.com

We pray that everything that is going on in your life now will bring you peace and joy in the end.