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Inner Peace Bali Services

Welcome here, friends. We are really pray that your journey here bring blessings and a lot of benefits. We are Inner Peace Indonesia consist of Andreas and Winnie. Our purpose here is to help you, those who are interested in Inner Journey. We will certainly do the best to help you if you are resonant to our approaches, regardless of any technical aspects.

Our Approaches

Our true nature is like the sky, very vast and open. Our manifestation (body, personality, uniqueness) is like a rainbow. Very beautiful and dynamic. Both are miraculous. To familiarize with our true nature which is like sky is called Direct Path. Some people also called that Meditation. Meditation have the meaning “to familiarize” to our Openess within.

To explore our manifestation is also very beautiful. Through many tools for example Reiki Healing, Vedic Astrology Chart Reading, Tarot Reading, Life Purpose Coaching, Pranayama (Breathing) and Ayurveda (Science of Elements) exploration we also could tune in to our uniqueness. Tune in to our most optimal Life Path and gaining confidence in our unique journey.

If you are open to explore, love to learn, and eager to widening perspective together we are very happy to meet you. Even we could meet first either online or offline if necessary and consult about what approach that suitable for your needs. Andreas and Winnie are explorers of Inner Mind since they’re child, and Andreas is also love to share his knowledge informally since 10 years old. So if you are interested to explore your Inner Mind, we are here to be with you.



Our technicalities is very flexible. Usually our signature is we could come to your Villa or Hotel, tune in to your personality there and give you unique approach that is customized to you. Whether it’s unique meditation instruction that is resonant to your path, or personal healing approach that is suitable to you.

We are more like friends that reminds you to your true nature and true power. Whatever we do, it is to share with you again and again about how miraculous you are. Sometimes we also have immersive workshop for public or communities, but it’s not always available. We also open if you want to become a Reiki Teacher, Tarot Reader, Healer, or Meditation Facilitator. We are very happy to help, because we believe now is the time for the Natural Light of humanity to be shared. If you are not in Bali, we also could do our sessions through online via Zoom Meetings.

Pertaining to the budget eventhough we have range of budget that we could offer, we are also very flexible and adaptive. As long as you genuinely resonant to explore, we will do the best to help whatever your budget and technical conditions. Feel free to share with us.


Further Elaboration

If you interested in further elaboration about each services, you could explore them in “Inner Peace Bali Services” drag down menu on the top of the website. You could also explore few of them in the link here :

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If you want to contact us, you could WhatsApp Winnie at +6281542251206 or WhatsApp Andreas at +628562668555 or email us at pasolympia@gmail.com or push the WhatsApp button in this Website or Here. You could also research us further and read all the reviews through our Google Business here.


InnerPeace.id | Meditation Retreat and Nonduality Studies | Reiki – Vedic Astrology – Hypnotherapy – Ayurveda Lessons | +62856-2668-555

Bonus Courses

Or if you want to explore our module, here is our bonus courses for you. We pray it could be beneficial to your journey.

Learning Meditation Fundamentals


Befriending Emotions from Eastern Wisdom Perspective


Thank You

Thank you for reading through our resources. We are very delighted to meet you. If there is anything that we could help, feel free to share with us. We pray the Ultimate Reality and All Awakened Streams always guides you. May Infinite Happiness and Profound Wisdom always shine through Our Heart.