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What if the nature of reality is natural peace.

would you like to explore ?

Marga Wismaya is a direct and sustainable way to recognize our True Nature as Ultimate Happiness. It is also explore the reality of all things as bliss and peace. Therefore with this path, universal inner peace within oneself is attainable. It is derived from Indonesian Archipelago Wisdom of meditation and self-inquiry that could be tracked to the Kingdom of Srivijaya and Majapahit. This Path involve some series of direct experience meditation and inquiry, this path unfold the secret dimension within us. Which is sacred, peace, and open. In Javanese, Marga means the Path and Wismaya means Miracles. For those who willing and open to explore, let the Path of Miracles transform their life completely.
Meditation Retreat In Bali


The truth that is secret yet self-evident for all humanity despite of background and characteristics.

This path of Nusantara's meditation and retreat is very universal. Every people could experiences this inner peace and realization of their own true nature. Experience the Oneness Reality of Life directly, and recognize the inner peace that belongs to all beings.

Wayang Peace


Explore deeply the human mind, fascinated by its complexity, and rest in its blissful nature.

Whatever sufferings that we experienced, we have the opportunity to transform that into the pearl of wisdom. Explore the depth of our Being, recognize the Inner Peace within ourselves. Be familiar with Ultimate Reality, The Mother of All Energy.

Wayang Meditation


Explore directly the Natural Peace as the essence of all phenomena. Rediscover yourself.

This path is very self-explorative. Nusantara's approach of discovering True Happiness and Inner Peace is not based on concept or dogma. The concept itself is just a pointer of Reality. But the inherent peace within ourselves, we must explore it directly.

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About Indonesia

Form of Transmission

The form of practices and transmission divided into two choices of path. The direct path and the exploration path. The direct patch involves some kind of direct meditation to the nature of phenomena and the true nature of our True Self. It is consist of deep inquiry, open and experiential learning, and direct abiding to the Ultimate Peace. The methods is vary, but for the direct path the direction is to the very clear. That is to abide  yourself in Ultimate Happiness and Peace. It is for people that seeks the Ultimate alone, the Perennial Wisdom beyond concepts and beyond body-mind.

For the exploration path, the methods is more vary. Because this path is explore the manifest world. Like vital energy or prana, the body, Nusantara Tantric Practices, how to manifest your deepest desire and life-callings, how to align your energy, express through art and movements, and many more topics to be covered. It is for people that seeks exploration, interest in energy and manifest world, and interest in the exploration of the body-mind. Both of these approach could done through one-on-one private workshop for your own comfort, or could done through group workshop by bookings or by following our schedule. The technical is flexible, but the quality of open mind and willing to explore is a must.

Locations, Time, and Event

Basically the location and the time is very flexible. You could invite Andreas to your country, or you could go to Indonesia. The default gateway of this workshop is in Denpasar, Bali. Of course in Bali you could also explore some places like Canggu and Ubud. But for your ease, Andreas is stayed in Denpasar – Bali Island.

The duration of the teaching is vary. The shortest is 1 day teaching. The medium and recommended way is 3 days private or group workshop. The other choices is 7 days or one week retreats. There will be many form of duration later according to the needs of workshops. The duration is align with the style of teaching and the modes of learning, the module and the chosen path, and the topics that covered. You could contact us and we could make our arrangement together. Or if you want to follow our schedule, below is our nearest event that will be updated over time.

Nearest Event :

Marga Wismaya Direct Path Workshop – Kuta Bali
09, 10, and 11 October 2022 (3 Days Retreats)
Novotel Bali Airport, Kuta
Airport Ngurah Rai Street, Tuban, Kuta, Badung District, Bali 80362
09.00 – 18.00 – Indonesia Central Standard Time
Contacts : +62 85 6266 8555 (WhatsApp / Phone)

Further Information

We would be grateful if you could share deeply with us, so we could bring the best choices that suits you completely for your inner transformation. Please contact us to discuss your needs and your best way of discovery :

Phone / WhatsApp : +62-85-6266-8555
Email : pasolympia@gmail.com
Address : Pulau Galang Street, Penataran Sari Lane 1C, Number 4, Pemogan, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia, Postal Code 80119

Direct Path

straight way to being, consciousness, and ultimate peace

This path is design for you that wants to abide directly in natural peace itself. That already prefer a direct and straightforward path to the Ultimate Reality alone. There is come a time when person seeks this alone, and do not want anything other than this. If you already want to discover your true nature, and intuitively asking, “Who am I ? What is the nature of this reality ? What is Ultimate Happiness ?”. This path is suitable for you. For you that is ready to discover your True Identity. Discover the non-conceptual purposes of life, the Primordial Wisdom that already within you. This path is the end of all seeking, sometimes also called Perfection Stages. The point of this path is to remind you that you are prior to all conditioning. That you are the Vastness of Peace beyond the perpetual motion of time and space.

Undergo many deep teachings in history and also cultural emergence, Indonesia had its own unique characteristics. From the time of Srivijaya and Majapahit Kingdom until now, there are many hidden treasures of Spiritual Wisdom. A wisdom that could free the humanity from its bondage of sufferings, yet not many people recognized. Actually very simple wisdom, but it is fundamental and the ground of all experiences. This is a message of freedom. We are very happy to share this message that extracted from the perennial teaching of ancient Indonesia. Derived from the teaching of many sages in Indonesia that is still unknown to the world until now, and of course most importantly is from the true direct experiences. We believe that now is the time to spread this message of Ultimate Peace. So that people who are ready to awakened could really recognize their true nature and the reality of all phenomena. That is of course inherently happy, peaceful, empty of separation, conscious, and complete. That is The Life itself.

Exploration Path

Exploring sensations, energy, and the manifest world

This path is for you that still have more interest in the manifest world especially body-mind, sensations-perceptions, and energy. This path also could be taken after you take the direct path, for the purpose of exploring the playful manifestation of the universe. But the taking of the direct path is not a pre-requisite for this path. You could also take this exploration path in the first places if you are interested. This path is concerned about the manifest world, so the development of this path is very varying. The topics that covered is like the dynamics of the body, breath and posture, dynamics of sensations and perception, energy and manifestation, and many more.

If you want to discover your personal life callings, manifest what you deeply desired, this path is also for you. In this path you also could discover how ancient sages of Indonesia applied the practice of vital energy and other energy for himself or herself, and for the benefits of all beings. This path would also cover topics like the science of amplified intention (ilmu teteg / sabda dadi), the science of heart intelligence (krenteg ati), and the art of body management for sustaining the high vital energy (samadhi workflow). There are many more, and of course this is derived from the ancient wisdom of Indonesia and also direct experiences. We are grateful to share this ancient wisdom that correlates with modern sciences for your well-being. So you could experience the benefits of body-mind exploration through physical and subtle realm.

We also provide services like Reiki Healing, Tarot Reading, Vedic Astrology Reading, Ayurveda Lessons, Self-Exploration Coaching,  Quantum Healing, and much more. All of them are mentioned in “Inner Peace Bali Services” above of this website. All of these are Explorative Path also to help you explore the multi-layered reality of yourselves. There is also Facilitator Training Program if you want to become Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Quantum Healer, Meditation Facilitator, and much more to bring the Natural Light of Being to other peoples.

About Andreas and Winnie

Facilitators of The Path

Meditation Retreat BaliAndreas and Winnie are explorer of Reality since their early childhood. Andreas miraculously healed when he was a baby, then undergo many mystical experiences and began teaching people about subtle reality from the age of 10. Winnie also contemplating the nature of natural bliss, culture, and sufferings since her early age. Since their childhood, they are interested in the question, “Who am I ? What is the true nature of life ? What is the purposes of human existence ?”, and many other questions. Their questions lead them to many path and experiences. Then more importantly, leads them to many experiential and beyond-conceptual realization that gain its maturity over time before reach its more and more conviction.

Ultimately their teacher is the Infinite Open Intelligence itself, that Indonesian people called Inner Teacher because of its culture. But practically, the core teaching that influenced Andreas is firstly Indonesian ancient teaching, and for Winnie the Japanese teaching also. Andreas and Winnie met with numerous physical teacher, subtle teacher, and symbolic teacher in various form. For example. the path of Indonesian ancient philosopher like Ki Ageng Suryomentaram and Raden Mas Panji Sosrokartono also influenced Andreas. So this is the reason why the Indonesian ancient knowledge is very prominent in the emerging of Marga Wismaya. Andreas and Winnie see that the Indonesian ancient knowledge could benefits many people in the world in terms of its direct pointing to The Ultimate Reality, and also in terms of its exploration of the manifest world.

But in his quest of discovering the realm of inner peace, Andreas and Winnie are also study and encounter many other approaches. From the scientific perspective like trance-work, neuroscience, psychology, comparative philosophy, and many more. Also the traditional perspective like religion and culture. In the land of Indonesia that had very diverse religion actually bring benefits to Andreas and Winnie. They really learn and delve into all of these religions, and find the Presence of Ultimate Reality in all of these. For example, tradition that Andreas and Winnie respect very much is Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Advaita Vedanta, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantric Approach, Daoism, and many more. Andreas also traveled along the world like India, Himalayas while encountering His Holiness Dalai Lama both physically and mystically, Cambodia, Thailand, and many countries to clarifies his realization.

Winnie is also exploring Japanese Tradition directly, living there, and tasting the Nectar of Reality from Japanese Tradition, from Tibetan Tradition also she gained so much inspiration. All of these are making her remember again about her roots in Indonesia, which is also very much rooted in the exploration on the Nature of Reality. Exploring her feelings and sufferings again and again, Winnie is also gaining conviction in the essence of all feelings. Rasa Sejati, essence of all experiences. Which is the Natural Peace that actually always available to us.

But after exploring many paths and model of pointing, Andreas and Winnie feel that all of these is the same Divine Play. Contemplating all of these approach deeply for years, then in 2012 Marga Wismaya began to emerge. Because the urge is to benefits the all beings by providing the the path of directness for the people that are ready and interested in very direct pointing, and the path to explore also for the people that want to explore. Because Andreas and Winnie believe the Ultimate Happiness is the nature of all phenomena. So all people deserve to recognize their inner peace completely.

Appreciation to The Path

"This path of Marga Wismaya is experiential. Yet it is very logical and mystical at the same time. This is the best path that I encounter. From the light of Andreas and his path my conviction of Ultimate Happiness is finally manifest. Thank you very much."

Marco - Germany

"Because of the grace of the path, and the clarifying light of Andreas. Now I found the real peace that I longing for. The peace that is beyond space and time. The real peace that is beyond changes that is my own true identity."

Yuki - Japan

"From the Presence of Andreas and his path, I realize that the Love of God is always shine upon us, and we are the Love itself. Thank you Andreas, now I have the absolute conviction of this. It is unspeakable and beyond words, yet it is the most precious.

Theresia - Indonesia

"I am very grateful because I could met Andreas. His style and approach is unique ! He is really the Messenger of The Ultimate. He is very playful and humane, but at the same time he is a really manifestation of Eternal Guru."

Kyrsten - Sweden

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